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Also called green computing it describes the study and the using of computer resources in an efficient way.

Green IT starts with refurbished hardware that has been securely and professionally certified. This critical process ensures that the hardware you purchase is completely reliable, secured, and meets the industry's highest quality standards, known as 'factory-new refurbished.'

Refurbished IT equipment is pre-owned equipment that has been cleaned, tested, reconfigured and warranted for further use. One of the reasons refurbished equipment is a good bargain is that servers, routers and other devices are generally robust pieces of electronic equipment that are likely to become obsolete in terms of performance and capabilities long before the end of their useful lifespan. Experts agree that the useful lifetime of these components is at least six years, and sometimes more.

  • Reliability – Most refurbished equipment is only about two to three years old and has had time to have all the bugs worked out of it. Experience has shown that when properly cleaned, tested and reconfigured, refurbished equipment is just as reliable as new equipment.
  • Performance – Because of cost savings, users are usually able to purchase higher-performing equipment than they otherwise would be able to afford. Also, most refurbished equipment comes with its original software and its certificate of authenticity, and savings on equipment can free up budget to purchase higher-grade software for other applications.
  • Availability – There is a large pool of like-new refurbished equipment readily available in many markets around the world. When you order equipment, it is usually available immediately. When purchased new, equipment may have to be built, which can delay implementation of a project.

Tesla offers you refurbished IT equipments immediatelly on its world wide stocks.

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